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That’s right my friends, I was tired of responding to ‘Chicago Dry Cleaners’, ‘Make Money Online’, ‘SEO Expert’ and other people, now you can tell me your name and still get a anchored backlink.

This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.

I will roll out a commenting policy soon, I would love to link to your website/blog/directories if your comment adds to the blog, gives me an advice or is otherwise useful. I don’t need thank you comments etc. You can thank me by visiting my sponsors and buying from them.

If you are looking for more dofollow keywordluv blogs. Download free FastBlogFinder.

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58 Responses to “This site uses KeywordLuv”

  1. McLaughlin Says:

    I just approved a comment on my blog from you and landed here. I am about to change host – going to host gator, and when I do, I’ll pass by here.

    McLaughlin’s last blog post..Herding Cats Project Management and Productivity

  2. admin Says:

    @Richard: Thanks for stopping by. I got your email too.

  3. Jack Garreth from Play games Says:

    Okhay i won’t say Thank you, but i want to appreciate your work and yes am looking forward to for your commenting Policy post. This keywordluv thing is really cool, an easy way of getting a back link but again you have to be genuine commentor, so that your comments get approved and result into desired backlinks :P

  4. Philip from Hair Extensions Chicago Says:

    It is important to let your readers know what to expect from them when leaving a comment otherwise many people will probably just try and take advantage of your site for a free backlink.

  5. Simon from rugby training Says:

    It should get you a fair few more comments…just watch for the spam though. I found a lot of comment spammers searched for the plugin…still good for generating etc user content though!

    Simon’s last blog post..Lions Tour 2009 – South Africa

  6. admin Says:

    @Simon: That’s the idea, I think this can get some more people to visit the blog. Whether they stick to the blog or not is something that time will tell.

  7. james from Philips 42 LCD Says:

    I have to diagree with Simon. I own 4 blogs in different niches, all with KeywordLuv installed, and I’ve had very few spammers using the tool to get backlinks. Most of them are using automated methods to post trash to the comments section rather than spending time writing individual comments on each site. I love Akismet! Personally, I’ve found that using KeywordLuv has brought me a lot of on-topic comments that add to the overall content with almost no spam thrown into the mix.

  8. admin Says:

    @James: Thanks for the input, I do get a lot of visits from the blog from people who arrived after searching for ‘keywordluv’. But if they are adding unique content to my site and contribute to the discussion, I don’t mind giving a dofollow link back to these visitors.

  9. Bob from Akkula Says:

    Hey, it’s the first time I’m reading your blog and the articles are awesome :D have to diagree with Simon. I own 4 blogs in different niches, all with KeywordLuv installed

    Akukla from

  10. John from Mattress Chicago Says:

    This is a great way to see the names behind the comments and reward your contributors for helping create discussion on your site. A win-win for both parties in my opinion.

  11. Kai from I Want Six Pack Abs Says:

    I used to use keywordluv but got rid of it because a lot of spammers came along! I don’t know how long you can handle the mess.
    .-= Kai@I Want Six Pack Abs´s last blog ..Intense Workout Weight Training Program =-.

  12. Ruri from Free article directory Says:

    At least you are really using keywordluv with DoFollow. I seen many blog using keywordluv without DoFollow.
    .-= Ruri@Free article directory´s last blog ..Business Advertising That Turn Companies Around =-.

  13. admin Says:

    That’s right, keywordluv became really popular 2 years ago and many people installed it but many converted back to nofollow after being spammed heavily.

  14. Dave from Affordable SEO Says:

    I think It is still up for debate whether no-follow si actually a bad thing as I’m sure Google still notes the link but simply does not pass on PR

  15. admin Says:

    Some people consider URL citation as good, that’s not even a link. I am sure if just a text mention has some weight, I am sure a link (even though nofollow) should have some weight.

  16. Scott from Chicago Lawyer Says:

    What steps do you take to make sure only good comments get through. You can always tell the blogs that are not moderated at all with all the garbage comments they have.

  17. Matty from Rugby Boots Says:

    I can see your getting the odd spam comment because your using keywordluv. I feel your pain mate…using Bad Behavior and Akismet at least kills off the obvious spammers :p

  18. Alev Absman Says:

    That’s a good decision to take. I particularly liked your reply to James where in you said you don’t mind giving dofollow links to those comments that complement your blog posts. I think this is what you meant by commenting policy? Although this is a very bold decision in the face of spams, it’s a welcome move. But be prepared for some hectic work.

    Anyways, good luck

  19. Mark from Cheap Mobile Phone Deals Says:

    Is there something like this for blogspot blogs? I am really tired of these weird names commenting on my blogger blog.

  20. admin Says:

    @Mark: I am not sure if something like this is available for blogspot blogs.

  21. Paul from Mobile Phone Reviews Says:

    This is a plug-in that I am considering adding to one of my websites. I’m not really sure whether I want to know because it may just become a place for people to spam. But, looking at some of your comments everybody in seems to be replying in a nice manner and not just looking for links.
    .-= Paul @ Mobile Phone Reviews´s last blog ..Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman™ =-.

  22. steve from rattan wicker furniture Says:

    I love using keyword love and have it on my site also, thing is i ask for people to post about the topic which gives me more content with out having to write it myself, i just hate writing a reward for a reward, if used the right way its one of the best tools to date.

  23. intan@iklan baris gratis Says:

    I used to use keywordluv but got rid of it because a lot of spammers came along! I don’t know how long you can handle the mess.

  24. Rakeback Says:

    I’ll be honest. Most of the blogs i find are because i’m looking for links, but the beauty is that i actually enjoy reading posts on diverse subjects, and am glad to add value to a post by leaving a relevant comment. It’s win win all round.

  25. shae from Internet Make Money Online Says:

    I think that this a great choice because you will help out people who make useful posts on your site. Unfortunately, there will always be spammers so you should always be vigilant.

    I have KeywordLuv on my site too and I hope people use it respectfully. If people post spam, I delete it just as usual.
    .-= shae@Internet Make Money Online´s last blog ..Choosing a Niche =-.

  26. Mack from Las Vegas Homes For Sale Says:

    Keywordluv and commentluv are two plugins that should be an essential part of any wordpress enabled blog. I am totally surprised by its efficiency and I i dont have to address anybody by their business name. Keywordluv’s features has to be spread across other bloggers and unfortunately still i receive some comments with business names in my blog despite having keywordluv. spreading awareness should be helpful for those guys.

    Mack McMillan
    .-= Mack@Las Vegas Homes For Sale´s last blog ..Commercial Real Estate Bubble =-.

  27. simon from wicker furniture Says:

    I agree. Although most people leaving comments are only doing do to get track backs, it is an educational process, and in completing it, one cannot help but find a whole lot of useful ideas. I’m a great comment luv fan!
    .-= simon @ wicker furniture´s last blog ..Improve Your Patio With Furniture And Curtains =-.

  28. Emmanuel from Weight Loss Pills Reviews Says:

    My advice for your commenting policy is to look at Keywordluv as a win/win plugin tool which encourages other people to comment on your article and site, in return for backlinks. Their comment will help you rank in the search engine, while your backling will also help their search engine ranking. Hence your policy should be to encourage good comments from your visitors.

  29. bethany from wedding makeup san antonio Says:

    I have really enjoyed using keyword luv on some of my blogs because it rewards commenters for all of their contributions. Obviously, it does a lot to stimulate blog conversation, as you can see from this page. The only thing that you really have to watch out for is spam, which I spend tons and tons of time deleting. If only it were a perfect world…

  30. Tom from Worldwinner Says:

    Great site I am a big fan as well. These plug-ins are awesome I use them on all my blogs. It provides great new content and a good way to get backlinks. I think everyone should use these plug-ins!
    .-= Tom @ Worldwinner´s last blog ..Contact Us =-.

  31. Tips from internet home business Says:

    I think the balance of dofollow and nofollow link is also important.
    .-= Tips @ internet home business´s last blog ..Best Home Businesses for People 50+ =-.

  32. Jim from SEO in South Africa Says:

    I have just installed Keywordluv and Commentluv on my blog and judging from this post, they work real well in encouraging valid comments. The trouble is that I already get a load of automated spam comments that I need to moderate. Does this increase or decreasewith these plugins?
    .-= Jim@SEO in South Africa´s last blog ..test =-.

  33. Kaye@mortgage life insurance Says:

    Hi, I am looking forward too for your plan for you site and blog posts. I will support your commenting policy that you will implement soon. I just want also to advice you that your policy should not be too strict that can make the people leave your article and don’t visit it anymore, a piece of advice from me. Thanks.

  34. Short sale Las Vegas Agent Says:

    I’ve been using keywordluv and it worked well. I was able to get comments that are worth reading. Spammers will always be there I suppose. It’s just a matter of putting it in moderation.
    .-= Short sale Las Vegas Agent´s last blog ..Positve News – Realistic? =-.

  35. Shahbaz from Weight Loss Pills Says:

    This keyword luv plugin is really a good tool for seo. More over you can use keyword luv tool to find blogs and post related to your website or hobby. However commenter should not post spam comment just for back link. this effort is really a helpful tool.

  36. Mike from Metallica Vinyl Says:

    Encouraging more comments is a good thing if you focus on the social value of your blog…i.e. if you want to be an A list blogger…but for SEO sorts it doesn’t really make a difference. Still it’s nice to offer those leaving comments a reward.

  37. Las Vegas For Kids Says:

    Kind of mixed results here on different blogs. The overall quality of comments tends to be better as the people who search for blogs with the plugin are more apt to write a quality comment. But the targeting of comments seems to be way off as they seldom have anything to do with the blog itself.
    .-= Las Vegas For Kids´s last blog ..Las Vegas For Kids Resources =-.

  38. Damon from Honest Debt Settlement Says:

    I think keywordluv is a great plugin for new bloggers especially. I have been working hard over the past few months making a lot of good comments on blogs and it has really helped me to get some of my keywords ranked in google. This has brought in over half of my traffic. I was so impressed with it, I recently added it to my blog so that I could return the favor. I do get some spam, but akismet just takes care of it. Also I moderate my comments, so it isn’t a big deal to just spam something if it is a drive by comment or something that has nothing to do with the topic. Thanks for sharing the luv with these plugins.
    .-= Damon@Honest Debt Settlement´s last blog ..Debt Settlement Companies – Top 5 ways they can Screw you! =-.

  39. Catalin from Security Programs Says:

    KeywordLuv is a goldmine for wordpress blogs because generate traffic. If you have a good site you’ll have a lot of traffic coming from long tail searches generated from these comments.
    Is a little bit difficult to answer to these comments and to delete spam comments but keywordluv is still a very good tool.

  40. Mike from kredittkort Says:

    About spam on commentluv sites; I really dont see it as a problem. I dont have it installed on the site that is in my link here, but I run several blogs that have it installed. Works great, have had an enourmous increase in traffic ever since I got it installed. Furthermore, spammy comments are getting more and more rare, as they get deleted after only a few minutes; even the dumbest spammer gives up after a while. :)

  41. Chris from Acai Berry Detox Says:

    I think the comment policy is a great idea. There is no point in posting a comment that has nothing to do with your site or blog. But if it has a good discussion starter and state good points then I think that can generate great valid discussions.

  42. Harry from Internet Advertising Los Angeles Says:

    “Comment adds to the blog, gives me an advice or is otherwise useful.”

    A great rule of thumb in commenting. The whole reason commenting exists is to build community and add value to the site on which the comment is found. Add value, and everyone wins.

  43. Alex from Niche Blueprint Bonus Says:

    I have been using Keyword luv for several months promoting my sites and it does work pretty good. I have noticed that sites that have pretty good page rank above PR 3 tend to take it off after they have achieved the page rank they have been looking for. This is too bad for us guys that are just getting started out. If I had a high page rank maybe I would remove it too, to avoid the hassle of moderation. In any case thank you for keeping keyword luv on your site.
    .-= Alex @ Niche Blueprint Bonus´s last blog ..Niche Blueprint Bonus 2.0 =-.

  44. Jim from Real Estate City Says:

    I think KeywordLuv is great, on the real estate related blogs I run, the comments have been increased 5 fold, and this in turn leads to more visits and better click thru rates. I think far too many people use the no follow tag, google are getting wise to this, It pays to have a balance of both do and no follow.

  45. Roofing Materials Says:

    Great article and I certainly appreciate the site using keywordluv. Nowadays commenter really look forward in getting something in return when they comment. Keywordluv is something that will invite some good comments to your blog.

  46. murkcore from blogger music blog Says:

    I don’t know if this is the right thread for this, but I would like to know if there is any way to integrate Keyworldluv in blogger blogspot? thanks..
    .-= murkcore@blogger music blog´s last blog ..Circle Of Contempt – Artifacts In Motion (2009) – Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore =-.

  47. Elton from Rug Cleaning Services Says:

    I think as long as you have akismet installed, then you should be good on the spam. Good Blog
    .-= Elton@Rug Cleaning Services´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  48. Jim from voip reviews Says:

    I have been doing some reasearch on keywordluv and it seems as though even with the spam you get the search engines also like the content they add. As long as you get a good mix of real content and spam content you should come out ahead and not have any negative impact to your site. Of course, I still use the akismet spam filter on my wordpress blogs as well.

  49. Lucy@Internet Business Says:

    Still while searching for new blogs with KeywordLuv I’ve found that many of the authors prefer to make thier blogs ‘nofollow’. Are such backlinks that hopeless?

    And thanks for sharing information about Fast Blog Finder. I’ve watched their tutorial video and found the program quite impressive.

  50. Sonny@ Leveling Mage Says:

    Keywordluv is a great tool. I have come to the point where I rarely leave a comment while surfing blogs if Keywordluv isn’t available. It communicates that the authors know their time is valuable and so is mine. Thanks for the luv!

  51. Matt from Singles Dating Sites Says:

    I wonder if G will ever start to ignore links coming from KeywordLuv blogs. Let’s hope not. I think that as long as there is a review process in place and the blog is moderated search engines will still continue except the KeywordLuv as valuable.
    .-= Matt from Singles Dating Sites´s last blog ..babygurli123abc =-.

  52. James Wheelock from Houston Homes For Sale Says:

    I really like the idea of this plugin. All of my sites are do follow because I think that if I am willing to allow ones comment to post to my site and include a link to the person that commented then I must trust and approve of their sites. With this being the case I figured why have the no follow on comments.

    But, I to run into so many people never posting their real name but using keywords as there name in an effort to get the anchor text back link. Now I have no problem rewarding someone with a back link to their website and figure why shouldn’t they have control over the anchor text.

    But, it looks really bad to have all of this random anchor text in the name field. Not only this but I figure if you are going to say something on the web you should not hide, so it bothers me when people do not give their real names or at least a way to determine who they are. I can see how this plugin has the potential to take away a substantial portion of my frustrations.

    @Admin does the plugin cause any extra load on your server? Also are there any plugins that it conflicts with?
    .-= James Wheelock@Houston Homes For Sale´s last blog ..Did Green Home Enthusiasts Miss Purpose Of Movement? =-.

  53. Dustin from Canopy Patio Furniture Says:

    Thanks for installing these awesome plugins! I have them on my site and agree they will get you quite a few more posts! Askimet does do a great job filtering out most of the spammers in my opinion, but there are a few that sometimes slip through!
    .-= Dustin @ Canopy Patio Furniture´s last blog ..How durable is wicker patio furniture. Can it be left outside during rain/snow.? =-.

  54. wikolia from free hosting Says:

    This is excellent for those with free blogs / free hosting. I was reading up on KeywordLuv, I never actually heard of it before. While some people are doing well with their free blogs from places like blogger, I have noticed it tends to be those that pay out for a domain that do better in terms of getting backlinks.
    I mean, how many sites would link to a blog?
    So the whole KeywordLuv thing is excellent for these people to get a backlink, after all I bet 60% or more of blog readers are also blog owners themselves.

    Also those bloggers who use nofollow generally would receive less comments, thus less unique and updated content for the search engines to take interest in.

  55. john from watch free movies Says:

    Keywordluv is a great plugin for bloggers. This will be beneficial for all blogger who want to get back link juice for comments made. Also, a high comment count is often a hint to your readers that your post is very popular and measure of that article’s “interestingness”. So KeywordLuv will keep vistors happy and at same time bring more traffic to your post.
    .-= john@watch free movies´s last blog ..Being John Malkovich =-.

  56. Sharon from watchfreemovies Says:

    I really like the sound of Keyword Luv,after reading some of the comments here it seems as though it could be a very useful addition to a site.I was a bit concerned about spamming but the overall view seems to be that most comments are indeed constructive and contribute to the site.Will be installing shortly,thanks guys
    .-= Sharon@watchfreemovies´s last blog ..Watch Hard Ride to Hell (2010) =-.

  57. James from Seven Dwarfs Costumes Says:

    These Do Follow links have grown and grown over recent months which is a good thing. The key is obviously to have a Do Follow link which will help to give extra page juice to your page rankings.
    .-= James @ Seven Dwarfs Costumes´s last blog ..Disclaimer =-.

  58. florence from stone flooring Says:

    Good idea. I remember I was having a great discussion with somebody about homeschooling on a different site but that person had no name so I had no idea if they were a male or a female. It made for a strange discussion which was a shame. If that person just had a proper name instead of just a keyword it would have enhanced the discussion.

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