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What is your go-to search engine? If you are part of the majority, then Google is the only thing that does the job for you. There are many other search engines in existence, some of them targeted at specific geographic locations, but there is no doubt that Google is the leader.

Have you ever wondered, though, just how a Google search works? Most of us probably just go to Google, key in the search terms, and hit the search button. We then go through the results – many even just look at the first few ones and don’t go any further.

If you have the curiosity of a cat – don’t worry, it won’t kill you in real life – you will enjoy going through this infographic detailing what goes under Google’s hood.

Some interesting figures…

Did you know that Google deals with more than a billion search queries everyday? The more impressive thing is that, on average, the search results are returned in 0.25 seconds. No wonder that the modern individual is used to having everything in an instant!

The infographic also takes a look at other aspects of Google – mobile, navigation (maps), translation, Google+, and so on.

Everything you might want to know about Google, you will find in this nifty infographic.

Martin Stevens has been working online for the past decade. He blogs, does infographic design, and relies heavily on Google and its host of products.

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